review in lite magazine

The Lifestyle & Technik Magazin lite has tested our POWER I amplifier.

Editor Volker Frech came to the conclusion: “Power I lives up to its name: This integrated amplifier with its power of 260 watts offers a powerful reproduction, which thanks to the ample reserves beyond the fine dynamics is simply excellent even in coarse dynamics. With this power of amplification, the high current delivery capacity of its power supply and the high damping factor, the Power I also has demanding loudspeakers under control. This leads to an extremely accurate, present and fine-resolution detailed reproduction, which culminates in an outstanding spatial representation. The Power I can unfold its qualities even better via the balanced input than via the unbalanced input. Here the self-imposed Accustic Arts obligation, the demand for accuracy and fidelity of sound, becomes a freestyle.

The editors of lite awarded 98/100 points for the overall score.

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