ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PHONO II: The analog expert for your vinyls

Our technicians already had plans in the pipeline for a pure phono preamplifier long before we decided in 2015 that the time was right for the new TUBE PHONO II. And what could be a better venue for the world premiere of an analog high-end audio product than the audiophile hifi show HIGH END 2016 in Munich/Germany?

Just as the word “TUBE” indicates, we have also opted to use excellent tubes selected for their sound for our first phono preamplifier in combination with the finest transistor technology. ACCUSTIC ARTS® insiders will know that the Roman figure “II” signals that the TUBE PHONO II is a member of the reference series.

As with all ACCUSTIC ARTS® products, the focus with the TUBE PHONO II is on excellent measured values and an exceptional acoustic pattern and easy and uncomplicated operation of the unit. Friends of analog technology naturally have the choice between moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) pick-up systems and can adapt the required capacity or impedance by means of the chromed rotary knob. Long live the vinyl! We are happy about that.

TUBE PHONO II highlights

  • Audiophile reference phono preamplifier with a so called “tube hybrid” concept
  • Advantages of this “tube hybrid” technology:
    – very high bandwidth
    – very low distortion factors and a “good-natured” distortion spectrum
    – analog and very precise sound performance
  • Easy change of tubes without any adjustments just “plug and play”
  • Extremely precise RIAA equalisation of +/- 0.17 dB or optional +/- 0.12 % dB (SE version)
  • Fits to MM and MC cartridges
  • Professional Class A output stage using technology derived from studio engineering
  • All used components are of outstanding quality and additionally selected, e.g. 1% high precision foil capacitors, 1% metal film resistors (SE version with 0.5 % high precision components)
  • 1 x balanced output (XLR) and 1 x unbalanced output (RCA)
  • 2 magnetically shielded, encapsulated 75 VA toroidal core transformers („Made in Germany“) of premium quality for high output reserves
  • Front panel, cover are made of massive and solid aluminium; turning knobs are made of massive and chromed brass
  • ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PHONO II is “Handmade in Germany”


1 x MM phono input, unbal. (RCA)
1 x MC phono input, unbal. (RCA)

1 x balanced line-out (XLR)
1 x unbalanced line-out (RCA)

Input impedance:
MM: 47,5 kΩ / 60 pF – 160 pF – 280 pF – 380 pF (selectable)
MC: 100 Ω, 235 Ω, 475 Ω (selectable)

MM operation: 95.6-times / 39.6 dB
MC operation: 960-times / 59.6 dB (factory setting)
770-times and 1460-times (optional)

RIAA precision:
+/- 0.17 dB or +/- 0.12 dB (SE version)

MM operation: -83 dB (A weighted, 500 mV)
MC operation: -74 dB (A weighted, 500 mV)

Output resistance:
balanced: 2 x 50 Ω
unbalanced: 50 Ω

Distortion (THD+N):
MM operation: 0.007 %
MC operation: 0.03 %

Tube type:
2 x dual triode E83CC / 12 AX 7 – selected and matched

Power consumption:
approx. 20 watts

Dimensions (H x W x D):
100 x 482 x 375 mm / 3.9 x 19 x 14.8 inches

12 kg / 26.4 lbs.