Test report in Lite Magazine

The lifestyle & technology magazine lite has tested our audiophile high-performance amplifier AMP V.

Editor Volker Frech came to the conclusion:

“As an imposing power amplifier in dual-mono design, the Accustic Arts Amp V delivers an image with overwhelming power and outstanding sound culture. Its power of up to 3,000 watts enables breathtaking levels. But in fact, this potency is in the service of consummate imaging: its Herculean power and inexhaustible reserves enable reproduction of effortless powerfulness. The Amp V amplifies with wonderful serenity, complete relaxation and sublime composure. Its fine and coarse dynamic capabilities are simply sensational, this power amplifier proves what is possible in terms of precision and accuracy. This is also due to the outstanding control over the connected speakers. This in turn is further optimized by a switchable damping factor linearization – and thus the sound culture is refined once again. Thus, listening to music becomes an exquisite pleasure and an emotional experience…”

As total score the editorship of lite assigned 99/100 points.

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