Test review ACCUSTIC ARTS TUBE PREAMP III Phono in Lite Magazine

Editor Volker Frech came to the conclusion: “The Accustic Arts Tube Preamp III Phono is the refined completion of the Preamp III. It also shines with outstanding manufacturing quality and a noble appearance, ensuring a modern statement through the high-resolution OLED display. It also offers numerous balanced inputs and outputs and the option of AC or DC coupling to the subsequent power amplifier. However, instead of a pure transistor amplifier, a semiconductor/ tube combination accomplishes the work here. With this hybrid concept, the preamplifier does not sound even better but is different. It is slightly rounder and more harmonious. The fundamental sound qualities, however, remain the same. The reproduction is wonderfully clear and transparent, incredibly impulse-frequent and highly dynamic. The rendition is breathtakingly three-dimensional and spatial. Listening to music with this preamp is a wonderfully relaxing musical pleasure. The optional phono module continues this outstanding sound quality and serenity seamlessly. Thus, the preamp is also a delight for vinyl lovers – and the Tube Preamp III Phono offers reference-level sound artistry in every aspect.“