Editor Volker Frech came to the conclusion: “High end in perfection – that is what Accustic Art’s reference preamplifier stands for in its fifth generation. Once again sound-optimised, the Preamp V Phono delivers reproductions of exceptional purity, clarity and transparency. The vividness and spatiality of its imaging have an almost breath-taking impact. In addition to outstanding resolution and openness, there is the highest degree of precision and superb dynamics: voices and instruments unfold with wonderful vitality and freshness. The Preamp V Phono presents all this with perfect coherence, peace and relaxation. Its music reproduction is a true revelation. This class A amplifier is also fully featured in terms of connections – thanks to the large number of balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs as well as the optional AC or DC coupling. The addition of an MM/MC phono module and a headphone amplifier finally elevates this preamplifier to the XL model in the preamp portfolio of Accustic Arts. This excellence – also in terms of component, material and manufacturing quality – comes at a price. Those who want to listen to music at this supreme level will willingly pay it.”