review in lite magazine

The Lifestyle & Technik Magazin lite has tested our pre/amplifier combination TUBE PREAMP II and MONO II.

Editor Volker Frech concluded: “With the Tube Preamp II MK2 and the two Mono II, Accustic Arts delivers a preamp/amplifier combination of the finest quality: The preamp, which is amplified with tube and transistor technology, delivers a perfectly rounded sound image with the attractive response you would expect from tube amplifiers. The reproduction is wonderfully transparent, dynamic and natural. With up to 700 watts of power, the transistor power amplifiers ensure that no wishes remain unfulfilled in terms of level. The equipment of the amplifiers is official: The preamp offers three balanced and two unbalanced inputs, on the output side it offers its signal at one AC-coupled and one DC-coupled output, so you can choose between two sound characteristics. There is also a headphone output. The power amplifiers also have fine features: they have both a balanced and an unbalanced input and, with four terminals, allow bi-wiring, bi-amping or the connection of two loudspeaker pairs. The sound quality is complemented by an immense manufacturing quality, and the hand-made amplifiers prove to be optical and tonal crown jewels. Of course this quality has its price, but the Tube Preamp II MK2 and the two Mono II are worth it with every cent”.

The editors of lite awarded 98/100 points for the overall score.

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