It is a relatively modern instrument and quite a strange one at that. It was invented in the year 1840 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax and then patented six years later in France.

An instrument made of metal. Despite this, it does not belong to the family of brass instruments. Its sister is not the trumpet, tuba or trombone. It is the clarinet, a wood wind instrument. Its relationship to the clarinet is explained by the way the sound is generated. In both instruments a reed is responsible for the sound.

But that is all the two instruments have in common. The different age of the instruments is also considerable, as the clarinet was already invented 140 years before the saxophone. The saxophone first became famous for its use in Jazz. And something else: there is not just one saxophone. In fact there are more than 10 variations. From big to small. From bass to tenor saxophone and from alto to sopranino saxophone. They all sound different.

And if there was only a single type of saxophone it would sound different with every musician. That is the fascinating point about this instrument.

In our small anniversary issue UNCOMPRESSED WORLD Vol. V we have tried to capture this variety of sound. Many months were spent in the selection and combination of suitable artists and recordings.The result is a collage of outstanding quality in every piece. Just relax and enjoy the full range of possibilities the saxophone offers.


Dirk Blümlein Terzett – Trees

Cologne Saxophone Quintet – Sie sieht mich nicht

Meike Goosmann Quintet – I wanna play

David Friedman/Peter Weniger – O Grande Amor

Phil Stöckli Quintet – Source Nature

Charlie Mariano – Naima

Martin Ehlers Trio feat. Herb Geller – Reunion

Tian et al/Christian Korthals – Echo from the past

Torsten Kamps – Bossa Cuarenta Y Tres

Michael Kiedaisch – Zerbrechlich

Joerg Reiter/Klaus Graf – Eternity

André Cimiotti – Breeze of home

Initiative H. – The way of the sun

Klaus Graf Quartett – Far and Near

Fred Hormain – Temporary Universe